welcome! here you'll find unique and affordable gemstone mediation malas that are made with love in chicago.

Mini Mala - Solar Plexus

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Deepen your meditation and yoga practice - and feel a little sparkly while you're doing it!

This particular MiniMala is 26.5" in circumference and without a clasp. Created with vintage glass, Magnesite, Swarovski crystal and new Jade it is meant to help tune the Solar Plexus Chakra. Set big goals, tap into your personal power, strength, and ease digestive problems at the same time!

MiniMalas are made with love and natural, authentically-sourced Rudraksha beads from India. Rudraksha beads symbolize the eyes of Shiva, and the wearing of them is said to help with a host of issues - irregular blood pressure, anxiety, ailments of the head, heart, and closure of issues carried over from a past life. 108 Rudraksha beads are used in the making of this mala to honor the ancient intention of the Japa Mala.

**Note: Rudraksha beads are a naturally-occurring product, and therefore variation in color, size and shape is to be expected. As the wearer uses the beads for meditation the color of the beads may slowly darken over time. Some color transfer of brand new beads is rare, but completely washable. **

As always, please reach out to me if you like this idea but want to see it in a different length or color! MiniMalas can absolutely be custom made.