Hi, I'm Karis, and I make malas. 

I've been creating mala designs for myself and my family for years out of my home, but it only occurred to me recently to share that spirit!

A mala is essentially the most ancient design of prayer and meditation jewelry (it is actually the historical root of the Catholic rosary). Traditionally, a mala is used in japa, or chanting meditation. The user gently rotates the necklace towards herself/himself in hand, one bead at a time, reciting a mantra (centering word or sound) with each bead. The kinesthetic and aural/verbal action of rhythmically sifting the beads through the fingers aids especially in attaining meditation when the mind has a difficult time settling. 

Each bead that I use is selected carefully from vendors I trust, with close attention to the energy put into the harvesting/creating of the piece. From my humble, ever-changing bead selection I pull new designs regularly, most of which are inspired by the particular person I am creating for. I am most excited to create malas with the recipient's specific desires in mind, working with them to produce a unique piece that suits their spiritual and aesthetic needs. 

Please feel free to connect with me about creating your own one-of-a-kind meditation mala. If I don't yet have a bead you love, I'll find it, and if there's something you already own that you'd like me to incorporate, I'm happy to do my best.

she was a free spirit blessed with a golden soul and a gypsy heart.


uninhibited and raw, she wore the sun in her smile
and buried the stars in her heart.


but she was far from wild, for she was completely at peace within herself and the world.
— becca lee